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    Ways To Use Less Data On Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger is an instant messenger and allows direct communication with friends on Facebook. However, it is the case that not all messages end up in the mailbox, but that some are filtered out, mostly those messages that are sent by people with whom you are not friends!

    Beware Of Spam Folder

    This is possible because Facebook practically uses an algorithm and sorts out the messages to which the recipient has no direct relationship and this usually applies when you are not friends with a person! These messages are moved to a hidden folder. This acts as a spam folder. The Facebook app as well as the apps of the subsidiary applications require access to the location, the address book, the camera and the microphone. This data is also transmitted when the app is closed, because the Facebook apps remain active in the background all the time. However, the permissions can be restricted via the settings of the smartphone.

    Facebook data usage

    How To Reveal Less Data On Facebook Messenger?

    If you want to reveal as little data as possible, you should not use the app, but access Facebook via a browser and set the browser so that cookies are deleted after each session. This also applies to the automatic registration function. Users could also use one browser exclusively for Facebook and another to surf the net. There are also browser extensions such as Privacy Badger that prevent data leakage to third parties.

    Facebook Messages Without Messenger

    To do this, simply open Facebook in a browser and then request the desktop version. You can easily access your messages by tapping the messenger symbol on the page. Reading, replying and group chats work without restrictions. Particularly practical: You don’t have to leave the mobile site optimized for smartphones despite the desktop mode, so that the interface remains easy to use on the smartphone display.

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