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    Steps to secure your password from hackers

    What to secure your password? Change regularly or do you prefer to play it safe? How long it would take a computer to secure your password? The change your password day, which takes place on February 1st every year, is intended to encourage users to change their passwords. But given the multitude of passwords that the user now has to manage, is simply difficult.

    Use Each Password Only Once

    Reuse makes sense with returnable bottles, with passwords it is simply out of place. If you only assign each password once, you have to worry less if one does fall into the wrong hands. This happens faster than expected: The identity leak currently records  twelve billion user accounts stolen from hackers and published by the attackers.

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    Change Only Insecure Passwords

    Regularly changing your password is more likely to tempt you to use an insecure password that is too short. It is different, but unfortunately not safer. If you still have such issues in your password pool, you should take the next step right away.

    Choose A Strong Password

    Whenever possible, upper and lower case letters, digits and special capitals should be used. The length of the password is also decisive: with 20 to 25 characters for example – to remember a sentence as a password.

    Use Password Manager

    Very few people are so skilled that they can memorize dozens of passwords in their heads. Notes, files and the like are not an good storage solution as they can get lost or fall into the hands of unauthorized users. Better to use a password manager right away, with which all information can be securely encrypted and stored. In addition to numerous commercials, the freewares have also proven itself in everyday life. The decryption takes place with a strong password, which can be reinforced by using a key file.

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