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    Trends that will shape the IT security and the way we work in 2021

    Many trends that we already encountered in the previous year- including collaboration and apps for employees as well as increased awareness of IT security – will also accompany us in 2021 and gain traction. That is why the promotion of home office work in this year of the pandemic is a must in order to create business and working conditions for employees.

    Increased Trust In Home Office

    According to a global survey of IT executives, trust in employees who work from home has increased; at the same time, it does not look as if the employees will all return to work at the same time. Companies in Europe therefore see the clear need to create framework for  jobs in the near future. In addition, more than half of all companies plan to initially only approach the return of their employees to work gradually or in stages.

    Nevertheless, offices will of course still be meeting points for collaboration. To create a seamless work experience in home environments, resellers need to leverage the investments their customers have already made: when customers can try workflow  for themselves using technologies they have already invested in, it provides the basis for larger investments in workflow in the future.


    Tools and Apps For Collaboration

    65 % of European companies increased their budgets in the last year, focusing on cloud-based software, apps for the workplace, collaboration tools, services to support a workforce. In the future, we will see more of such innovations as companies orient themselves towards these priorities.

    Security and More Security

    With the rise of technologies and a dispersed work team, security is a top priority in 2021. The results show that companies are primarily investing in cloud-based programs and remote IT support. Many companies are therefore giving security a high priority when distributing their budget in 2021.

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