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    Why email security should be a business priority

    Did we really understand the importance of email security? Cyber security experts provide a few reasons why email security should be a business priority.

    Email Security Helps Avoid Business Risks

    An important component of email security is encryption. In principle, if you send emails without encryption, everyone can access the information they contain. In other words, someone can intercept the email, read or even change the content.When hackers gain access to personal information, a company quickly loses its trust.

    Email Encryption Protects Sensitive Information

    Email encryption protects confidential information such as credit card details, account numbers and much more. It prevents outsiders from switching between your emails and the mail server and intercepting sensitive data. One method of accessing data is phishing attacks. More people are now sending emails than ever before. This increases the number of cybercriminals who use email for their purposes. According to a PCMag report, phishing attacks have increased by 300% since the COVID-19 pandemic started social distancing. Those who allow malicious entities or hackers to access data potentially endanger the entire company.

    Signing Emails Can Prevent Identity Theft

    If a person comes into possession of your personal data such as username and password, they can use your identity to send fake emails on their behalf. However, if everyone digitally signed their emails with their identities, there would be no phishing emails. One would know without a doubt who sent the mail. Finding an email encryption solution that fits your business needs isn’t easy. There are many options available, but ultimately you need a solution that is easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. It is not possible to find out the private key using the public key. Emails are encrypted with the recipient’s public key and can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key.

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