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    Sale Of Fake Vaccines on Dark Web For The Corona Virus Exposed By Authorities

    With the soar of Covid19 cases, the search for the vaccine has become eminent. Similar to other things in high demand, some people have taken undue advantage to sell fake vaccines on the dark web. Even though some of which are assumed to have the blood of recovered patients in it.

    The Australian National University’s Cybercrime Observatory discovered the sale of these fake vaccines on the dark web. Apparently, they have been in pursuit of illegally created and distributed medication that relates to the current global health situation.

    They have been over 200 items on about 20 underground markets with multiple customers. These customers are the virus victims and ignorant individuals afraid of contracting the viral disease.

    As there is no vaccine for the virus yet, it is wrong and dangerous to purchase these black market items. These items are not only insanely expensive but also have a frightening psychological impact on the buyers. The buyers tend to neglect the safety measures in the main belief that they have been properly guarded against it. In being neglectful about their health, the populace will not only expose themselves to the virus but facilitate the spread as well. This is dangerous for everybody.

    Some of these black-site vendors also sell things like gowns, nose masks, pitching them as a sort of medicated talisman. Therefore, the sale of these things has obviously gained a large market because of the desperation of the case. It is important to note there are no gowns or nose masks that make you totally immune to the virus.

    Are all Darknets Involved?

    Just a few darknets have banned the selling of fake Covid19 related materials and less of them for ethical reasons. However, for the few that have gone on record, as the researchers express their happiness at some semblance of order in an otherwise coarse situation.

    We might not be at any length near the end of this pandemic, but we could do ourselves some good and not increase the cases with our own ignorant decisions. It is wise to still keep our sanitary measures and the one-foot rule at all times to ensure we have not just a fighting chance but a winning one in this war.

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