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    Reports of scam emails that allegedly come from Netflix

    If you don’t check carefully your email inbox, you can fall into one or the other trap and it can be quite expensive. A new scam is currently circulating, in which the senders pretend to be the streaming service Netflix. The so-called phishing emails should be viewed with great caution.

    Netflix Account Scammers

    The scammers, on behalf of Netflix claim that the user’s Netflix account is no longer accessible because of payment problems. Then you are asked to update your own payment method or to repeat the payment. If you click on the given links, you will be redirected to a page that looks astonishingly similar to the Netflix login mask, but the URL has little to do with the original one.

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    Even if you made the mistake of following one of the links, do not enter your login details if you are lucky, because these are exactly what the fraudsters hope for. If you fell for the mesh anyway, it is best to change your password immediately, if this is still possible. If not, contact Netflix customer service. If you have also passed on your bank or credit card details, keep an eye on your online banking or bank statements and let your bank know.

    In order to prevent phishing emails from scratch, there are some features that reveal them in most cases. Normally you will not be contacted by name, the sender address does not correspond to the service address of the specified company and the message often contains many spelling and grammatical errors. In addition, the link URLs do not correspond to the original page addresses, even if the websites look similar. If you pay attention to these little things, most fraudsters will not harm you.

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