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    YouTube is reducing its resolution due to network data utilization

    Video streaming accounts for a significant part of the global data turnover is nowadays a concern, that Europe is currently asking the portals to lower the resolution of the moving images. YouTube’s approval of this step has now come after a conversation with Google. The move was necessary so that many people in quarantine could continue to work well from home without fear of slow internet.

    An Internet speed of five megabits per second for HD is recommended, while the standard resolution is three megabits per second.25 megabits are required per second for Ultra HD resolutions. There are also Ultra HD videos on YouTube. Netflix announced on Thursday evening that it would initially limit data throughput in Europe to 1 month. Netflix users should continue to receive good quality service. According to the company, the move will result in 25 percent less traffic.

    More Data Is Transferred For High Image Resolutions

    Overall, there is a concern in the world that increased homework and use of entertainment can clog the networks. So far, internet providers have assured that they can deal with the increase. Google also found only a few usage peaks on its video platform. Currently, the videos on YouTube are started with 720p by default, but you can manually switch the videos to 1080p. The resolution for Standard Definition is 480p. It remains to be seen whether YouTube videos in this resolution will become standard during the Corona crisis.

    The Better The Resolution, The Higher The Data Consumption

    With a higher image resolution there is a sharper image because more pixels are displayed. But more data is also transferred. Depending on the time, streaming is an important data factor in the network. Companies may take measures to prevent data congestion, but they may not block, favor or slow down services in the sense of network neutrality.

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