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    Homeschooling has to be safe during Corona times

    The past few weeks have shown how quickly those involved have to react to current developments in the field of education if lessons are not to be completely canceled. The good news is that homeschooling can work, but it has to be safe.

    Everyone who had already used digital learning in the educational process before the crisis had opted for Homeschooling IT management with a learning platform.

    Unfortunately, some providers state that it still only applies to a small number of educational institutions. The majority were suddenly faced with the task of finding a work support solution overnight. Some schools used e-mails, others untested messengers or file storage to enable lessons. The improvisation often led to dissatisfaction and frustration after a short time. But this is only part of the side effects. There is a more serious component that Corona has not overridden, namely data protection. Essential aspects of data protection compliant processing of data in schools are the creation of a legal basis and the fulfillment of the so-called information obligations.

    Homeschooling Are Obliged To Check Under Data Protection Law

    Even before processing data, it is important to ensure the absolute reliability of the service provider and to check this regularly. The provider took data protection very seriously and it is not without the reason that they work closely with the external, specialized data protection. It is in your own interest to design the products so that users can use them in a legally compliant and convenient manner. Schools are obliged to check under data protection law the means by which they process data. Even a crisis like Corona doesn’t change that.

    Free School Network

    The IT providers decided to make the school network system available to all educational institutions free of charge until the start of the summer vacation.

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