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    Check your health data carefully before installing apps that contain cyber risks

    Health data is known to be particularly sensitive. This leads to uncertainties in dealing with the influence of the corona pandemic. Basically, the duty of care of the employer in the sense of health care also serves an important public interest and empowers the employer to process such personal data.

    Handling Health Data Always Requires A Careful Review Of Proportionality

    The use of data in the fight against the corona virus is legitimate for data protection. Some experts reject the need to restrict data protection in order to combat the crisis. Because corresponding exceptions are already in place.

    Health experts believe that voluntary programs with only locally stored data are also feasible. This then corresponds to taking an avalanche beeper on your own responsibility rather than central total monitoring. However, the computer specialists warn against overestimating the technical possibilities. It is considered the position data of the mobile phone operators too imprecise for statements about possible infections.

    Apps Could Read Information

    Incorrect information is a very important aspect. But there are other problems, including technical ones. It is not just that the information that is disseminated Also that these tools, websites or apps are used to pursue other fraudulent goals. If you install such an app on your smartphone, you run the risk that this app can read information, that this app reads when you do online banking on your smartphone. If you open such a website on the PC, you run the risk that the PC will be infected with malware. Others in turn collect data about you through such apps or websites, which they can then resell. That means there is a whole range of criminal activity in the background.

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