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    Trust Wallet Alerts iOS Users of Zero-Day iMessage Exploit

    Cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet has issued a warning to Apple iOS users regarding a potential zero-day exploit affecting iMessage. The company claims to have received credible information about the exploit, which could allow attackers to infiltrate targeted iPhones without the need for users to click on any links. However, there is skepticism about the validity of the exploit within the cybersecurity community.

    Trust Wallet’s warning comes amid growing concerns over the security of Apple’s iMessage service. If confirmed, the zero-day exploit could be as serious as the notorious Pegasus spyware, which is capable of infiltrating mobile devices and monitoring communications. Trust Wallet has advised iOS users to disable iMessage until Apple releases a patch to address the vulnerability.

    According to Trust Wallet, the company discovered the potential zero-day exploit while monitoring the dark web. Reports from underground forums indicated that attackers were selling the exploit for $2 million. Trust Wallet emphasized that the exploit could affect any iPhone user, not just those using the company’s services. However, some experts have questioned the veracity of Trust Wallet’s claims.

    Blockchain researcher Beau criticized Trust Wallet, stating that the company’s evidence consists only of “a screenshot of a guy claiming to have an exploit.” Despite the criticism, Trust Wallet reiterated that its primary concern is the security of its users. The company clarified that it does not have anything against Apple and simply wants to ensure the safety of its users.

    Trust Wallet stated that it is continuously monitoring various sources for security threats and is working with security partners and researchers to mitigate risks. The company urged users to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity related to the exploit. Trust Wallet’s warning highlights the importance of staying informed about potential security vulnerabilities and taking necessary precautions to protect personal data.

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