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    Android Phone Safety App That Prevents Data Theft

    The Android phone is gone! Millions know the feeling when the cell phone suddenly disappears. For the robbed, this is not only annoying, but can also be really expensive. Not to mention the possible loss of data: You not only have to buy a replacement device, under certain circumstances there may be a nasty surprise on the next phone bill. Without a quick block from the network operator, thieves can send unlimited messages or even make calls abroad – provided the phone has not been switched off. We tell you what you really need to do after the theft and present useful apps that can help in the event of theft.

    Lock The SIM Card And Go To The Police

    If you have neither activated a SIM lock nor a screen lock, quickly pick up the handset and contact your mobile service provider to have the card blocked. All you need is the fifteen-digit IMEI number of your mobile phone. In the event of theft, the loss of the cell phone should also be reported to the police. For some network providers, the limitation of liability for calls made by the thief with the stolen phone only applies if it is displayed at the same time. You should also give the IMEI number  to the police ,so that the device can be clearly identified.

    Android Phone Safety

    Powerlock Theft Protection

    The app Powerlock theft protection has fewer functions than the competition, but a few special extras on board. The application can trigger an alarm as soon as the device is disconnected from the connected USB cable – ideal for trade fairs and other events. Another gimmick: If the Android device is PIN-secured and the wrong PIN is entered, the front camera takes a photo and sends it to the owner by email.

    Apps From Manufacturers And Security Packages

    Some cell phone manufacturers offer their own applications to find lost devices. For example, some offer the Motoblur web service, which can be used to locate, block or reset the factory settings. Samsung also offers a similar service. Samsung Dive can locate the device and control it remotely from the PC. Calls and SMS can also be forwarded on request. To use the service, you need to set up a free account, then choose your Andriod phone  model and get step by step instructions on how to set up the service.

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