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    Cyber Innovation Hub Intents To Initiate IT Startups

    The Cyber Innovation Hub is intended to drive new developments in IT and the internet that are helpful for the military. But the costs for the multi-million project are criticized.

    Cyber Innovation Hub Also Shows How You Can Work Differently

    The notes on the Cyber Innovation Hub were drawn up last year and also sent to the Federal Ministry of Defense. There, however, the report was not considered acceptable. It was sent back and should be revised by March. The paper therefore played no role in approving another 30 million dollars for the next three years.

    Cyber Innovation Hub

    A Lot Of Demand

    The facility is something of a gold digger. The innovation finds the best things we need. But it is also about something that teaches us how to work faster and more agile. Specifically, the Hub sets up a database of IT startups that are of interest to the Federal Ministry of Defense. The cyber program tested a data-secure messenger and small stub that can be used to set up secure WiFi for soldiers in the forest and in the field.

    Many projects with startups were initiated, which are currently testing the cyber projects closely. For example, virtual reality glider simulators were actually implemented at the Air Force officers school. That may make sense, but whether that is in a reasonable relation. Despite criticism of some questionable expenses – the truth is that the Cyber Innovation Hub will never exceeded its annual budget. The innovation targets awarding of contracts for ambitious research projects with high innovation potential in the field of cybersecurity and related key technologies for meeting the needs of the state in the area of internal and external security. The innovation will particularly promote those innovative projects that are characterized by radical technological novelty and can therefore have a market-changing effect.

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