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    Federal Governments Focus On More IT Security Strategies

    The Federal Ministries of the Interior Security around the world are primarily responsible for IT security within the Federal Governments. They develop ideas, strategies and draft laws so that everyone can safely use the digitization options – both the federal administration and the economy.

    Federal Governments Work On Cyber Security Strategies

    The Federal Governments base their activities on the second cyber security strategy since 2016, which are developed with the support of other departments. It contains many strategic goals and measures to improve cyber security. This includes the introduction of an IT security seal of approval to make cyber security understandable for users. However, it also includes the expansion of cooperation between the state and industry and the creation of mobile teams for on-site support in the event of an IT security incident in the area of critical infrastructures.

    IT Security

    In addition to the information that every user can observe themselves, there are also technical innovations that additionally safeguard our activities on the Internet. This includes the online identification function of the identity card in credit card format. The ID card contains a chip that enables you to identify yourself easily and securely online. The so-called eID function proves your identity on the Internet and at citizen terminals without any doubt and securely. This protects you from identity theft.

    Cyber Security Concerns Us All

    Whether business, authorities or citizens – the Internet offers numerous opportunities. The Federal Governments create the conditions for the safe use of the Internet.

    If one of your business devices is affected, ask your IT department for advice. You may even find support for IT problems that are unrelated to work or advice on who can support you in a specific case. Your local IT provider can certainly help you with your personal devices. You can also use the malware scanners.

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